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January 2011

Started out January with a trip to Fernie, British Columbia with a good buddy Nathan Goodman.  *The purpose of the trip was to become CAA Avalanche Operations Level 1 certified to help build our knowledge of the backcountry and keep us safe in our accents/descents.  Nate and I stayed in a hostel and had some epic meal times and met a lot of good Canadians.  Also, we saw what potential Fernie has and are already planning a trip back.

Afterwards, we jammed back to Utah and got some good shred in.  I finally purchased a Brighton Mon-Thurs pass because I was tired of poaching and bartering with lifties, but I’m happy cause on down days I can go lap the park and I also am starting to map out zones better for pow days.

*I highly recommend taking a class if you are planning on riding in the backcountry.  See for recreational courses in the USA.  If interested in pursuing further, see for the global standard in avalanche education.

sunset in wyoming

like dog treats for humans. fernie b.c.

wolverine cirque

corbin. stalefish

corbin. front 3

the hypo needs to be checked off my "to-do" list. (8hr accent)

corbin hiking mountains instead of parks

got snaked last time I tried, but soon.

bs rodeo 5

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