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February 2011

February 3rd was my mom’s birthday (happy bday!) and also happened to be the day I drove out to the Northwest.  My plan was to shred The Northface Masters at Crystal Mountain, then head up North to Mt Baker during the Banked Slalom and shred with friends.  The Masters had some variable weather/snow to make conditions for a big mountain event slightly more challenging.  I had a solid big air high speed line but couldn’t hold it all together at the bottom over shark fins and hidden ice chunder under the light density snow.  Oh well, as there was plenty of Sierra Nevada to go around!  Take note-  Crystal Mountain could possibly be one of the sickest spots on a pow day, and I cant wait to come back.  After camping out in my truck for a week I boogied up to Mt. Baker just in time for the Banked Slalom and La Nina to kick in again and bring some good snow.  Fortunately, the CU Snowboard Team opened up their doors for Nate and I, giving me a little nook to set up shop for a few nights.  Every time I go to Mt. Baker and catch it good I tell myself I could live there forever… maybe in my near future I’ll spend a winter there.  After the Banked Slalom, Baker was a ghost town and me and a few buddies were able to mash the mountain uninterrupted for a couple more pow days before I had to jam back to Utah.  However, the second we got home the snow was never ending and I finished up the month of February ripping pow on the daily while also meeting some more backcountry tourers to go splitboard with, blessing me with  some nice dawn patrols and sunrises in the Wasatch.

2 live crew for the lift

from my bedroom

birds of a feather


lambs canyon

of coarse bacon with breakfast. especially truck camping


LBS weekend

hiking to chair 5 for firsts

shredding with simon and goodman

baker's gravy train. we set the bootpack all week up hemispheres and to the arm, you all are welcome. (photo poached from Anon team shoot)

Matt Simon hiking to goods along the Shuksan's Arm

baker rolls

NW snow sticks to everything!

moss ornament

Nate Goodman in the Seagull Chute

go fast

creek near Lisa Falls

looking good down the "Y"

Nate is a powder technician

Y couloir. short on time so we rode lookers right


Corbin and I's tracks down the "pro" line

catching a sunrise in BCC

eyeing up my line

backside of Gobblers Knob

sunrise over Brighton

BCC West

goods for the way out

Alecs Barton

Alecs Barton


last push...

scoping the drop

loving life! Alecs Barton PhotographyWasatch Mountains. Alecs Barton Photography hitchhiking out of Mill A

Nick Stangl working for the creek crossing

gonna be deep

Judd Burman came to party

Mineral Fork

Brandon Pastucka

can't wait!



big slide near Dromedary

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Judd Burman Photo. Divide b/t Mineral Fork and Mill B South, behind Mount Superior