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Well I did it… I hitched a ride over to CO to go to a music festival in Vail and visit friends.  Got a couple nice days in at Keystone and Breckenridge and one thing is for sure: if you like jocking out in the park, Summit County is where you need to be.  Perfect jumps, jibs everywhere, and more fashion styles than the snow world knows what to do with.  Some good friends Mark Kelsic and Meg Pugh hooked up a cozy spot for me  as we were able to relax and catch up.   Onward to Vail, I stayed with my buddy Colby as we got to shred Beaver Creek one day before the madness of snow ball took effect.  Ha, it was almost like I was back in Boulder as tons of people came up and from all over the country to join the festival.  Forging though mud, snow, and thousands of people we came, saw and conquered snow ball.  Thank you everyone for the great times… next festival I wont show up in skate shoes (or it better be summertime!)

I poached all these pics, but here is a little taste…

no parents!

wear protection!




Dave, Cait and Cristelle

Mel getting into it

thrills pills and spills

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