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memorial couloirs

The weather has been a little warm this past week for the backcountry, however I decided to do some prospecting and log some snow profiles in my field book.  I originally intended to find a good zone in Porters Fork area to do some winter camping with a friend and his dog, but got diverted when seeing the Memorial Couloirs.  While they are not that high in elevation, being sheltered  and North facing and I suspected they could still hold some good snow.   After a quick snow pit and weather observations (all day I dealt with rain, sun, fog, snow, etc) I proceeded up into the narrowest couloir I saw.  One thing I regret was not bringing my ice axe, as some parts of the accent were 50+ degrees and one short waterfall section that was a challenge getting up but fun pointing down.  Overall semi-decent snow up top with some slop down low.  Seems as though I keep stoking myself out on the terrain around Utah…

heading south to go north

first glance at the line

memorial couloirs

temps should cool...


sun blasting through

not a bad look

hard to earn


waiting for light...

go time!
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