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Y Couloir

Got up bright and early to take some buddies to a classic line in Utah.  I’ve tried the Y Couloir a few times this year, my first attempt we were short on time so we rode the shorter lookers right fork, the second time we pulled the plug due to snow instabilities.  However, today we tackled the 3,750 vertical feet and had great snow up top.

5am wake up. Jon Hagenstein Photo

getting close

Setting the boot with Lisa Falls in the background

Corbin Clement. "oh the air... oh it's so dry, I need chapstick... oh does anybody have chapstick?"

Lisa Falls: on my hit list. an aesthetic south face of behind Twin Peaks

Judd Burman

long way down to the valley

Corbin Clement. Jon Hagenstein Photo

Jon Hagenstein. Corbin Clement photo

Corbin Clement doing his best not to fall in

tailgate after party

Jon was stoked on the Y

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