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sunny with a chance of pow

After a solid breakfast (with bacon of coarse), we jammed on up to Brighton to toss a little snow and catch some rays.  We weren’t the only ones with a plan as other heavy weights marched on towards Wolverine Cirque.  I had eyed up a line and while it wasn’t the most aesthetic, it’s always a blast to open it up and go fast.  After, I watched Corbin drop the cirque along with some other shredders… the terrain here is just too good to pass up!

Here is a short clip of the face I dropped.

Corbin on the cirque

Corbin getting barreled

no walk of shame here

added to the "to-do" list

Bjorn Leines. Corbin photo

BJ about to air into a pocket. Corbin photo


got to make some money on the way out! Corbin photo

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  1. epic photos of corbin getting barreled. nice follow up shot of the walk out too. stoked i found your blog man!

    April 7, 2011

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