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new year, slow start…

As many agree, this winter has been off to a slow start for most of us. We haven’t really had much snow at all and the snowpack we do have is filled with depth hoar, buried surface hoar and just facets all around.  This persistent weak layer will probably plague Colorado and our neighbors all winter long, and it worries me a little for when we actually do get a significant amount of snow. Some guys I know recently got VERY lucky the other day in Jackson WY, as they finally received some snow and avalanche activity spiked immediately.  Here is a short clip of the avalanche-  -Reminding us how we all need to play safe.

On a positive and lighter note, I just put in my notice of resignation and soon will be leaving Vail. I’ll be heading off to the Pacific Northwest for a glorious time storm chasing and snowboarding big steep terrain, with safer deep coastal snowpacks!

pretty thin up in the alpine

mellow sub-par runs seem to be all that is available

rock hopping exits. Colby photo

cookies never disappoint!

Denver NYE. here is to the new year and the surprises it may bring!

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  1. Brian Bouquet #

    Weather patterns will change, and the terrain will get better. Enjoy the pursuit. Onward!

    January 10, 2012

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