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Crystal ~ The Northface Masters of Snowboarding

TNFM. Zapp (L). In exposure at Crystal Mountain (R).

After the Banked Slalom, I picked my buddy Nick up from Seattle and headed down to Crystal Mountain Resort for The Northface Masters. Immediately, we ran into friends and embarked on a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner full of tacos and heavy IPA’s. In regards to the actual event, I might have finally learned my lesson to ride conservative in qualifiers. Over the next few days I ended up splitting around the sidecountry into fun nooks and crannies. However after everybody left the event, I caught one of the best pow days my whole season at the resort, leaving us with huge smiles. Thanks you Tiana and the rest of Crystal Mountain Resort for helping out during our stay!

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” John Muir

Nuking snow at Crystal