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PNW // life on the road

Once the Masters were over, I picked Adrian up from the airport for a little reunion after a couple of years away doing our own things. We drove back to Baker and the snow couldn’t have been better.

It’s been a while…

Many thanks to the K2 team for letting us borrow space at their house in Glacier. I don’t want to ever over-stay my welcome, so I tried out a new experience- “couch surfing.” is a site I heard about years ago but just recently decided to use. It’s an online site where people can host or search for couches across the world. These hosts tend to live vicariously though those traveling, or are repaying their dues from their own surf experiences.  Anyways, we ended up meeting lots of great people (our hosts were primarily girls, strangely) who decided to host a few snow bums. For about two months we would share stories, bake, socialize, go out for drinks, watch rap battles, host pot lucks, debate about Sasquatch, have spicy mustard contests, play trivia, etc.

Bellingham, WA

Glacier, WA.

When the weather was on, we made our priorities snowboarding. Occasionally camping in the parking lot to have quicker starts.

Woke up with over a foot of snow on my tent, and the first sunshine we’ve seen in a while.

The start of an amazing day!

An impromptu kicker while splitboarding.

Highway 542 at sunset.

After some inevitable rain, we drove south to Seattle so a lady could to run into my pick-up truck. Nevertheless, I was able to ease the stress afterwards with a nice down town skate session. Afterwards we jammed out a few days at Stevens Pass where I caught my 2nd sunny pow day up here in the NW!

Rain in the Cascades left us skating in the city. Marginal Way (top), Seattle Center (bottom).


On the road to Stevens Pass, WA.

Go read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” a story.

Baker received over 12 feet of snow in a week creating unbelievable conditions! We linked up with the Mark Hoyt, Ian Smith, Cam Riley, and Judd Burman with Stept Productions to collaborated on some jumps. The next day instead of filming more jumps, a crusty pow-hound local named Woods came up to me asked if I wanted to ride Stoneman. Sold. I hustled and set the skin track up to the top and dealt with some fear of uncertainty. Snow evaluations felt good and we were able to navigate the puckering entry of the couloir. I made a big ski cut, before hammering the rest of the run and smiling ear to ear.

Checked this line off the bucket list on my last day in Baker.

Adrian had been back-and-fourth some about whether he was going to Alaska, and finally made the decision to hold off this time around. Therefore, Nick and I hit the road for the last frontier… Alaska!

British Columbia coast.

Chinatown. Vancouver, Canada

Thousands of miles later, a hot spring oasis.

Sunrise in the Yukon. Next stop, Alaska!

A huge thanks to Gwyn and the rest of Mt. Baker Ski Area for allowing us to have so much fun!