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America // Land of the Free

The Fourth of July came up and instead of heading to Bend, Oregon with the masses looking to party, a few select friends and I left for a secret lake where traffic would almost be non-existent. The lake is only a mile hike in, however it remained empty for camping on the busy holiday. We floated the lake, hiked for sunsets and shot fireworks over the water. A great few days with good company!

just one of my vacation homes

The day after the 4th I looked at the weather and decided to go for a hike. Megan Ginter had asked me a while back to take her to the summit of Mt. Hood, and while the climb is relatively easy, hazards still exist. Luckily, conditions allowed for us to stand on top of the volcano. The day was warm and a slightly hazy but we made great time and got to the top where we paused for a few minutes before switching over to our boards. The ride down was a blast! We caught perfect corn snow and surfed all the way down to the lot with ice axes in hand.

The Viking charging!

Megan paying tribute to a good friend

Currently I am back in session coaching at Windells Camp, however evenings have been spent checking out new camp spots and lakes for fishing. Megan and I stumbled upon one spot that we couldn’t resist. The very next night we came back and enjoyed an amazing sunset and sunrise.