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Autumn is among us // Colorado travels

A few years back I roamed around central Colorado for a few weeks exploring new and old terrain. I made a promise to myself back then that I would return to a few key places in attempt to catch peak fall colors… and maybe some fish as well. Being one who hates broken promises, I made a phone call and soon had a partner in crime; my good friend Corbin was game to explore.

Corbin being a novice to fly fishing experienced some trials and tribulations… good thing he brought a book.  However, after many wind knots and lost flies, he was finally able to land some fish. Part of my mission was to catch some of the Kokanee Salmon run as they were heading up the river to spawn. This proved to be tough fishing on a light rod and with fish that don’t necessarily feed while spawning. Unable to land a big bright red male, I was still rewarded with a silvery female. Furthermore, years ago I backpacked to some alpine beaver ponds that were littered with trout, although this time around many of the fish have disappeared due to some overzealous fisherman taking more than an approved limit. Sad, but I was still able to find some nice cutthroats and cuttbows while staying true to the fly fishing status quo of catch and release.

We saw some great colors, camped in amazing country and even climbed a waterfall to some refreshing pools… Cheers to a fun trip buddy!