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PNW Headquarters // the mobile command center

magical day in paradise!

magical day in paradise!

Currently, I’m sitting an atypical PNW coffee shop looking out the window at the pouring rain. As I think about this past month, I can’t help but smile a little and think of how good it’s been. Over a month ago I spontaneously purchased a small pull behind camper trailer. I figured these new “Headquarters” could provide a nice little command center on wheels to wander and roam wherever I so choose. SIA had just ended in Denver, and I knew that snow was hammering the Northwest, so I loaded up and hit the highway.

home sweet home // p: Adrian Criner

home sweet home ~ p: Adrian Criner

It was iffy whether I would make it to the lot or not, but my pickup handled the job and pulled into a snowy upper parking lot at Mt. Baker Ski Area. This was my new home. Ski in ski out lodging and babes lining up to check out the pad. Sorta. Prior to my arrival I got on the horn with a few friends and lined up some dates on when we could link up and shred. Fortunately, we got lots of snow and a few days of amazing weather to really see what was in our backyard. Even after years of coming here, in just a few short days of good weather, I was able to explore more terrain than I ever had before. Sunny powder days in the Mt. Baker National Forrest are rare, and something to be regarded as magical. We took full advantage. Early starts and miles under our boards, I added a few more all-time days to my book!

to me, this is heaven

to me, this is heaven

a good look...

a good look…

Recently I picked up my buddy Adrian, and while we only got to shoot a short time in Washington we had an itch for some bigger and better things. We’ve stacked a handful of shots so far and now we are tying up loose ends before heading North. Now to Pemberton B.C., and afterwards Alaska- the last frontier… Check ya later!