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Gypsy Circle and Beyond // Alaska

I’ve covered a few miles, kilometers and even more miles now since my last post a couple of months back. After following snow in Oregon, Washington and even Pemberton B.C, it was time to leave the Pacific Northwest. Thus, migrating Headquarters all the way up to Alaska and post up at Gypsy Circle across from the Tsaina Lodge, 35 miles outside of Valdez.

Chuck Norris would... Photo: Casey Grove

Chuck Norris would… Photo: Casey Grove

During the last two months here in Alaska I’ve snowboarded in the Kenai and Talkeetna mountains, although most my time’s been spent in the Chugach range outside of Valdez… learning terrain while camping out on glaciers in tents and snow caves, scoring prime light on aesthetic couloirs, deep surfy pow all the way to the sea, riding pillows on storm days, ice climbing on down days or sport climbing on hot afternoons… all while building memories, friendships and inspiration. Moral is high.


The Mobile Command Center; Photo: Adrian Criner

Cheers! To new adventures…